Squishy Cat

Main Character of our little story. Used to be a normal cat, but after entering the professors machine it turned... well, squishy. Also gained superior jumping abilities.

Squishy Dog

Natural enemy of Squishy Cat, and adorable on top of that. This little goober will roll towards you when he spots you, watch out!

Squishy Bird

How do their wings keep their shape you ask? Even we don't know! These seemingly peaceful creatures are more dangerous than they seem. As soon as you're within range they'll drop from the sky to harm you! Keep an eye out!

Squishy Squirrel

These cute little Chippers aren't very keen on visitors! They'll attempt to hit you with some acorns from the safety of their trees!

Squishy Mouse

These fellas had a heavy lunch! Sick and tired of being hunted, they'll attempt to get close to you and explode if they get in range. Better be prepared!